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Tybalt Company Limited is a duly registered company in Ghana to provide construction services. We work for both government and private clients.


Tybalt Company Limited, we're ready to help you build your business every step of the way, thanks to our extensive experience and devoted staff.
airliner with a globe and auto loader with boxes

Imports and Exports

We at Tybalt import and export services we take orders, we buy, and ship every goods such as laptops, television


We are into different kinds of farming and supply of agro-chemical supplies across Ghana and beyond.
CNC gas cutting metal sheet, sparks fly. Blue steel color, modern industrial technology


Tybalt Company Limited provides all kinds of manufacturing services. We have experience workers ready to delivery quality
small scale mining

Small scale mining

Tybalt Company Limited provides environment safe small scale mining. We have well experienced workers.
Warehouse Worker

General merchant

Tybalt also provide general merchandise services. We provide variety of goods you can select from

Rentals Services

From weddings and personal celebrations, Tybalt can professionally, and efficiently meet your event and party rental needs
transport service preview

Transport service

Tybalt Company Limited also provides all kinds of transport services. we have cars available for rentals as well.
purchase and supplies

Purchase and Supplies

Tybalt Company Limited also offers purchasing and supplies services. We ready to purchase and supply and anything you requested.
Warehouse Worker


We at Tybalt, we also offer wholesales sevices. We have many goods in stock you can buy at wholesale prices.


Tybalt also provides retailing services ranging from several goods from our wholesales shops.
Delivery workers using a Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck to load a delivery van.


Tybalt Company Limited also provide direct distribution of goods and services direct to clients shops.

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